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A researcher busy with a manuscript in the Africana Library, paper conservationHISTORY OF THE KIMBERLEY AFRICANA LIBRARY
The building housing the Kimberley Africana Library was opened on 23 July 1887 as the Kimberley Public Library, the institution which initiated the collection of rare books and Africana now housed in the Africana Library.  When the Kimberley Public Library moved to its new premises in 1984, the old library building was restored and refurbished and opened its doors to the public as an exclusively Africana research library, open to all bona fide researchers in 1986.

The collection comprises books, manuscripts, maps, photographs  and other documentary material on Kimberley, the Diamond Fields, the Northern Cape, archaeology and geology and many thousands of items celebrating the region’s past and its role in the history of South Africa and indeed of Africa.  The highlights of the collection are the books, pamphlets in indigenous languages dating from 1826 as well as records by early European travellers to the region and material dealing with the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).

The Special Collection, primarily of European origin, includes examples of early printing which date from 1475, and manuscripts dating from the 17th century.

The Africana Library Trust was established in 2005 when it became the legal custodians of the collections of the Africana Library.  The Trust is responsible for the administration and preservation of the Africana Library’s holdings.



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Africana Library won a Silver Award in 
Northern Cape Premier's Award Competition

Africana library, paper conservation, manuscripts
Bernice Nagel,Shirley James, Betty Filander, Angelique vd Linde, Kokkie Duminy and Annelize Rowan

Furman University students visiting
the Africana Library in Kimberle
Africana Library, paper conservation, manuscripts




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